Comprising Composite Back plate, SA 5000 Zenith Demand Valve, SURVIVAIR PANO Ori-Nasal Full Face Mask and 6.8L High Pressure (300 Bar/4500 psi) Carbon Composite Compressed Air Cylinder compliant to EN 137:2006 standard providing up to over 50 minutes duration (or 34 minutes at 200 Bar/3000 psi) and weighs 10.4 kg fully charged


Product Details:

·         Open-type self-ventilating Composite Backplate features 3-point lifeline attachments, carrying/rescue handles, rot-resistant & fire-retardant harness and adjustable cylinder strap;

·         HP/MP Pressure Reducer that works from a range of 200 to 300 bars over wide temperatures extreme with built-in 10±1 bars safety burst valve;

·         fully integrated Pressure Gauge/ Warning Whistle featuring luminescent graduated dial in Bars, highly effective warning whistle (>3000 Hz and > 90 dBA at 1 meter);

·         SA 5000 Zenith Demand Valve equipped with Air Klic® interface system with a built-in inherently-safe locking mechanism (that automatically triggers positive pressure to the mask and cut off automatically when the valve is unlocked – no 1st breath activation required), a user-actuated emergency by-pass system with pressure-sensitive airflow regulation;

·          Rugged high temperature-resistant corrosion-resistant SURVIVAIR PANO Ori-Nasal Full Face Mask manufactured to US NFPA & EN standards featuring anti-scratch coated wide-view perfect vision visor, patented KAPTON conducting film sound amplification system;

·         6.8L Carbon Composite Compressed Air Cylinder 300 Bar/4500 psi with 2040 liter free-air capacity provides up to 51 minutes nominal duration (34 minutes at 200 Bar/3000 psi). The unit comes complete with a hard plastic case for maximum storage protection, user’s manual and spare cylinder valve filters.

·         OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) HONEYWELL PROTECTION (CHINA) CO., LTD  further declared that units have EC examination types certificate EC/S/1451/2009, issued by the Notified Body No 1437:CIOP-PIB,“Centralny Institute Ochrony  Pracy-Państwowy Institute Badawczy 00-701 Warszawa,ul.Czerniakowska 16 Poland and are manufactured under a Quality Control System that has been satisfactorily assessed as meeting the requirements of Article 11 Section B of the same directive, Issued by the Notified Body No 0194: INSPEC International Limited. 56 Leslie Hough Way, Sanford, Greater Manchester, M6 6AJ, United Kingdom.


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